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A seventh workshop was held for learning outcomes for representatives of Croatian polytechnics and colleges, entitled “Workshop for higher education lecturers from the competent approach of study programme planning” was held on 20 September 2018 at Hotel International in Zagreb.
The workshop was held by Dr. Vesna Vlahovic Stetic Ph.D. and Dr. Zeljka Kamenov Ph.D. and was intended primarily for lecturers, leaders of study programmes, vice-rectors and rectors of polytechnics and colleges, who mostly through their practical work had the chance to work in detail on the subject of learning outcomes-from writing to evaluations, with emphasis on evaluation (grading) and the adaptation of the content and methods of teaching. They discussed the following thematic units: competences and learning outcomes, construction alignment, teaching methods and techniques, evaluation and grading, ECTS credits and evaluation.
A reminder that, it is one of the many series of workshops organized by the Agency for Science and Higher Education within the project “SKAZVO – Improvement of quality assurance and enhancement systems in higher education.”

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