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The Agency for Science and Higher Education in cooperation with the Ministry of Administration provided a new service “e-Exchange of student grades” on the e-Citizens web site. In this way, Croatia also joined the EMREX network, whose purpose is to promote student mobility and encourage students to more effectively control their own student data and the exchange of it, especially beyond the borders of their country.
For now, the data is available for three higher education institutions in Croatia: The Catholic University of Croatia, The Technical Polytechnic of Zagreb and the Baltazar Polytechnic in Zapresic. The plan is to further increase the number of higher education institutions and available data for students.
Through the portal e-Citizens, students of higher education institutions will be able to request their electronic transcripts at any time for free.

Exchange students have so far faced certain obstacles, including the exchange of grades between the home institution and the institution where they have gone for the exchange programme. This service will simplify the process of exchanging grades, since students will now be able to request an electronic transcript of their grades and upload them to the university’s online site where they will be attending the exchange programme. In the case that the higher education institution is not a member of EMREX, but accepts digital records, the student can also submit an electronically signed document that has been downloaded from the e-Citizens website. Upon returning from their exchange, students can upload their grades on the online site of their home institution.

Aside from the electronic exchange of student grades, on the site e-Citizens, there is another ASHE services: the opportunity to register for graduate studies of higher education institutions in Croatia and from next year, there will also be the opportunity to register for undergraduate and integrated study programs of higher education institutions in Croatia.

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