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Accreditation Council is an expert body of the Agency for Science and Higher Education, composed of representatives of the system of higher education and science, business community and an associate member, representative of organizations of civil society.

Accreditation Council has 11 members appointed for a four-year term by the ASHE Management Board upon the proposal by the ASHE Director. The ASHE Director participates in the work of the Council but without voting rights.

The composition, tasks and other issues related to the Council activities are regulated by the ASHE Statute. The first, inaugural session of the Accreditation Council was held on October 13th 2009.


The members of the Accreditation Council are:


President of the Accreditation Council: prof.dr.sc. Sonja Vila

  1. prof. dr. sc. Karmela Barišić, (chosen on recommendation by The University of Zagreb)
  2. prof. dr. sc. Tomislav Kilić, (chosen on recommendation by The University of Split)
  3. prof.dr.sc. Maja Martinović , (chosen on recommendation by The Croatian Council of Universities and University Colleges of applied Science)
  4. gosp. Ivan Miloloža, mr.sc., (chosen on recommendation by The Croatian Chamber for Economy)
  5. prof.dr.sc. Katija Vojvodić  (chosen on recommendation by National council for higher education
  6. prof. dr. sc. Željko Potočnjak, (chosen on recommendation by University of Zagreb)
  7. prof.dr.sc. Mirela Galić (chosen on recommendation by University of Split)
  8. doc. dr. sc. Zoran Ježić  (chosen on recommendation by The University of Rijeka)
  9. dr.sc. Maruška Vizek (chosen on recommendation by The Scientific Institutes)
  10. Associate Member: prof.dr.sc. Mirjana Kujundžić Tiljak
  11. Associate Member: prof.dr.sc. Franc Čuš

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