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Accreditation recommendations

Accreditation recommendation is an independent expert opinion by the Agency based on a conducted evaluation procedure.

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Directory of Study Programmes

The Directory of Study Programmes lists all accredited study programmes in the Republic of Croatia...

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Data access

In accordance with the Act on the Right of Access to Information all local and foreign natural and legal persons...

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External committees, councils and commissions

The highest strategic, professional and advisory councils, committees and councils which are appointed by the Croatian Parliament and other authorities operate in the system of higher education and science:



statistikeAgency for science and higher education regularly publishes statistics regarding science and higher education...
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Cooperate with us

statistikeCooperation opportunities for students, researchers, institutions and citizens...
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pojmovnikThe Glossary of Basic Terms and Definitions in Higher Education Quality Assurance... 
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Quality - engine of growth

Quality of higher education is a dynamic category that involves a need for constant improvement of all the processes and their outcomes. It is a guiding force of the overall social development, a force that instigates national economic development and functions as a base for successful individual careers.

It is important to raise awareness of the importance of quality, and this is one of the aims of the evaluation procedures. It is not just about meeting the criteria or formal requirements, but also about helping higher education institutions to improve their work and to make the issue of quality their priority.


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“The Agency for Science and Higher Education has, by establishing a credible and functional system of external quality assurance which incorporates the experience of countries that have been developing these systems much longer, made an important step forward for the benefit of the higher education system and society in general.”
prof. dr. sc. Pero Lučin
Rector of the University of Rijeka

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