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On 26 February 2020 the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) published its 2019 Annual Report and 2020 Activity Plan, with the aim of informing the public about the performed activities and the results of these activities in the previous year.

Numerous activities were carried out in 2019, among them the cycle of workshops on the topic of internationalization of higher education. “During 2019, the Agency continued to and carry out re-accreditation of higher education institutions based on a new model and completed re-accreditation of all postgraduate university (doctoral) studies, which is our important project aimed at enhancing the quality of doctoral studies which are regarded as the crowning of formal higher education,” said Prof. Jasmina Havranek, PhD.

Overview of activities in 2019

  • Re-accreditation of 26 higher education institutions was carried out.
  • Re-accreditation of 25 doctoral study programmes was conducted.
  • Three procedures of initial accreditation of new study programmes from polytechnics, colleges and private universities and five procedures of initial accreditation for scientific activity were conducted.
  • Audit of four higher education institutions was carried out.
  • The Accreditation Council held 10 sessions.
  • A meeting of the National network of quality assurance units at higher education institutions (CroQAnet) was held.
  • Brochures entitled Academic rankings, What after high school? Wishes, plans and attitudes of Croatian secondary school pupils were published.
  • In 2019, ASHE organized seven sessions of the Council of Polytechnics and Colleges and four sessions of the National Council for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development.
  • ASHE organized three sessions of scientific area councils, 106 sessions of scientific field committees and 30 sessions of field committees.
  • In the summer enrolment period; 40,590 slots were available at all Croatian higher education institutions; and out of 33,267 candidates that have applied, 24,043 candidates secured their right of enrolment.
  • For the first time in the summer enrolment period, the candidates were assisted by a system using artificial intelligence.
  • In 2019, Croatian ENIC/NARIC Office recognized 1798 foreign higher education qualifications for the purpose of employment.
  • A new cycle of workshops entitled Careering for career advisors began.
  • A cycle of workshops for higher education institutions on the internationalisation of higher education started.
  • ASHE published the Directory of study programmes delivered in Croatia in a foreign language.
  • Promotional videos “You choose” and “Why study in Croatia?” were published.
  • ASHE leads or participates in seven international projects funded by the European Union and other sources, the most important being ESF-funded project SKAZVO.
  • Seminar “Role of students in quality assurance in higher education institutions” held.
  • ASHE was visited by representatives of ENQA, Israeli Ministry of Health, Indonesian delegation, colleagues working in the system of science and higher education in Turkey, Slovenia and the Netherlands.

Short 2020 Activity Plan

  • Implementation of re-accreditation according to the Plan adopted by ASHE’s Accreditation Council.
  • Implementation of initial accreditation for performing higher education activity upon request, for performing scientific activity, initial accreditation of study programmes and initial accreditation of online study programmes upon request.
  • Implementation of audit according to the Plan adopted by the Accreditation Council.
  • Supporting Croatian HEIs in the implementation of CROQF and the ESG.
  • Monitoring graduate satisfaction and employment.
  • Professional and administrative support to the work of strategic and professional bodies in the system of science and higher education (National Council for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development, Council of Polytechnics and Colleges, scientific field committees, scientific area councils and the arts councils).
  • Participating in ongoing international projects and applying for new ones.
  • Carrying out educational and training events.
  • Carrying out activities of the national network of QA units at higher education institutions.
  • Informing the public about the conditions for enrolment, application deadlines and other relevant information on application and admission in study programmes.
  • Conducting the procedure of application to integrated undergraduate and graduate study programmes at Croatian HEIs;
  • Conducting centralised applications to graduate study programmes.
  • Collecting and analysing data of candidates outside the regular education system in Croatia enrolling in the first grades of secondary schools.
  • Recognition of foreign higher education qualifications.
  • Gathering and processing data and producing statistics and analyses on the level of the system by following trends;
  • Exchange of experts in the area of higher education and science.
  • Informing the public about the higher education system and activities carried out by ASHE.

The Croatian versions of 2019 Annual Report and 2020 Activity Plan were published on ASHE website www.azvo.hr.

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