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There are 182 legal entities with a registered scientific activity in Croatia, which are entered in the Register of Scientific Organizations and eligible for public funding.

Institutions conducting scientific activities:  

- 25 public scientific institutes,

- 87 higher education institutions (HEI), namely 10 universities (8 public and 2 private), 72 constituent units of public universities (faculties, academies and university departments), 4 colleges (2 public and 2 private) and 4 public polytechnics.

- 70 legal entities outside the system of higher education and public scientific institutes that registered scientific activity, namely 3 institutions of special importance (National and University Library, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Lexicographic Institute “Miroslav Krleža”), hospitals and healthcare institutions with research units, national institutes (4), archives, museums etc. 


Public research institutes

The primary activity and the purpose of establishment of public research institutes is the conduct of scientific and research activities, making a contribution to the scientific area in which they are registered and contribution to the development of society as a whole. The institutes are expected to participate in the creation of study programmes, particularly doctoral study programmes, as a manner of transferring highly specialized knowledge and establishing scientific and expert co-operation with the public and private sectors in Croatia and abroad. Public researchf institutes, every 5 years, undergo re-accreditation procedure, with significant emphasis on the excellence of scientific results, scientific outcomes and their transfer in society. Public research institutes, as well as public universities and their constituent units must meet the minimum requirements prescribed by the Ordinance on Conditions for Issuing Licence for Scientific Activity, Conditions for Re-Accreditation of Scientific Organisations and Content of Licence (OG 83/2010), as well as scientific research quality criteria. More (link to the re-accreditation of public research institutes).

The number of employees per institute and their geographical distribution is presented in the picture below. 


Public research institutes by field of study and region:  


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