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Tematsko vrednovanje javnih znanstvenih instituta
Pursuant to Article 24 of the Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education (Official Gazette 45/09) and Procedure of thematic evaluation (Class: 003-08/10-02/0003; Register number: 355-01-10-2), at its 5th session of 26 May 2010 the Accreditation Council of the Agency for Science and Higher Education passed decision to initiate thematic evaluation of public scientific institues.
Documents used in thematic evaluation of public scientific institutes were adopted at  the 7th session of the Accreditation Council of the Agency held on 29 June 2010.
The goal of thematic evaluation of public scientific institutes is to assess the their rationality and efficiency. Such overarching approach will provide for the necessary analysis of the state of Croatian public research system, recommendation for the future development, insight into their efficiency and justificiation for existing as separate entities as well as involvement in the national system of  research.
Final outcome of thematic evaluation will be the report containing recommendations of the expert panel.

Thematic evaluation report will also serve to the National Council for Science as a basis for the development of the document Network of public scientific organisations which was projected with the Act on Quality Assurance and Higher Education.


The three main components of the evaluation are:

1. Direction of scientific activity and scientific output
- justification and need for independent work (what is the reason for the organisation not to be merged with a university or some other type of institution, i.e. a similar institute)
- explore target groups of users of institute's services and products, transfer of knowledge and technology
- explorer parameters of scientific activity: projects, number of publications, number of PhD employees, number of scientists per institutes and their contribution to scientific development, age and gender structure, etc.
- relevance in the system of science at the regional and international level (and its impact on financing).

2. Financial sources and their use
-  space and equipment - efficiency in using work area and research equipment,
- overview of all financial information –strategy of profiting with scientific activity.

3. Organisation and management
-  organisational structure,   
-  management ,
-  quality assurance and management.


Start:   June 2010
End:    September 2011


1. Informing institutions about the start of thematic evaluation

2. Selection of international panel members – they are selected by the Agency for Science and Higher Education - one panel selected for all organisations in a scientific field, except for social sciences and humanities due to their size  (5 fields – 7 panels).
Panel composition:
- Two foreign scientists from the discipline
- One foreign scientist with experience in the management of a scientific organistions
- Representative of the Agency for Science and Higher Eeducation – coordinator (no voting rights)
- Interpreter

3. Review of self-evaluation written by scientific organisations - carried out by panel members

4. Site visits

5. Report of the expert panel


Overview of the thematic evaluation of public research institutes


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