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In an effort to establish excellent research groups and encourage excellent research by developing potential for innovation and technology transfer, the second stage of evaluation of research quality was carried out in Croatia in 2015 resulting in the establishment of six new Scientific Centres of Excellence:


  • The Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity and Molecular Plant Breeding;
  • The Centre of Excellence for Marine Bioprospecting, BioProCro;
  • The Centre of Excellence for Theory of Quantum and Complex Systems and Representation Theory of Lie Algebras;
      • Research unit: Research in Theory of Quantum and Complex Systems – QuantiX,
      • Research unit: Research in Number Theory and Related Structures.
  1. The Centre for Personalised Health Care;
      • Research unit: Research in Glycoscience,
      • Research unit: Research in Production and Medical Research on Functional Food.
  2. The Centre of Excellence in Basic, Clinical and Translational Neuroscience;
  3. The Centre of Excellence in Data Science and Cooperative Systems;
    • Research unit: Research in Data Science,
    • Research unit: Research in Advanced Cooperative and Cognitive Systems (ACROSS).


At the moment there are 13 research groups in all areas of research in Croatia, with a total of around 300 researchers from various institutions who wish to pursue high-quality research. In addition to the funds provided in the state budget, the centers have thus been provided with access to higher amounts of EU funds for research and development.

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