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For the second five-year re-accreditation cycle that will start in 2016, the Agency for Science and Higher Education is preparing a new concept of evaluation of higher education institutions, with emphasis on the evaluation of learning outcomes and implementation of the Croatian Qualifications Framework (CROQF). According to the CROQF, each qualification achieved in Croatia has its place. The focus is on learning outcomes, i.e., competencies that a person has achieved through learning and proved after the learning process. The place for each qualification achieved in Croatia is determined by the level of learning outcomes belonging to that qualification.

Accordingly, the second cycle of re-accreditation will focus on assessing the quality of study programs, and assessing whether the conditions for carrying out a study program enable the acquisition of qualifications provided.

In a narrow sense, this implies compliance of learning outcomes of a study program with the appropriate level of the CROQF, profile of study (academic or professional) and professional requirements, the suitability of teaching methods for the achievement of learning outcomes, relevance and objectivity in evaluating students and provision of adequate support in learning.
In a broader sense, a new cycle of evaluation will be reflected in the level of research activity of higher education institutions, student and teacher mobility and the internationalization of higher education institutions and study programs. In the planning and development of new re-accreditation cycle, the Agency will certainly include the academic community.

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