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All public scientific institutes and all scientific organisations founded by the Republic of Croatia may start carrying out scientific activity and enroll it into the court register only based on the license for scientific activity. Private scientific organisation may also ask for licence for carrying out scientific activity.
License for scientific activity is the pre-requisite for applying fore projects and financing research with public money.

The Agency is carrying out part of the procedure of initial accreditation for scientific activity. Institutions submit their applications to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, in line with the documents and form designed by the Agency.

If the application is complete, the Ministry shall forward it to the Agency which in turn organises independent three-member panel which will check whether the institutions complies with the necessary conditions prescribed with the Ordinance on Conditions for Issuing Licence for Scientific Activity, Conditions for Re-accreditation of Scientific Organisations and Content of Licence (OG 83/2010).

On the basis of carried out procedure of initial accreditation - report on compliance with conditions - and reply of the scientific organisation as well as second opinion of the expert panel, if any, Accreditation Council of the Agency will pass independent opinion. The opinion of the Accreditation Council is the basis for accreditation recommendation passed by the Agency within 60 days and delivered to the Ministry.

If the accreditation recommendation of the Agency is positive, the Ministry shall issue license for carrying out of scienitific activity. If the Agency passes negative accreditation recommendation, the Ministry shall issue act which will deny issuance of the license.

In line with Article 18 Paragraph 4 of the Act on Quality Assurance in Science and Higher Education (Official Gazette, 45/09) the procedure of initial accreditation of public scientific organisations may not start before adoption of the strategic document of the network of public scientific organisations.

The document will contain guidelines and criteria for establishment of public scientific organisations. It will be passed by Croatian Parliament following proposal from the National Council for Science.

The above does not apply to private scientific organisations and the procedure of initial accreditation can be started after November 2010, when the Accreditation Council adopted the documents necessary for launching initial accreditation for scientific activity.


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