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Management Board is a body that governs the Agency for Science and Higher Education within rights and responsibilities stipulated by the Institutions Act, Agency's Statute and other legal acts.
Management Board consists of 9 members.

President and seven members of the Management Board are appointed by the Croatian Parliament as follows: president and two members nominated by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, one member nominated by each of the following bodies: the Rectors´ Conference, the Council of Polytechnics and Schools of Professional Education, the National Council for Higher Education, the National Council for Science, and the Croatian Student Council. The Agency appoints one member of the Management Board from the ranks of its employees.

At its sessions, the Management Board reaches decisions by a majority vote (5 votes).
Management Board effectively discusses and reaches decisions when there are at least 5 members present at meetings.

Management Board meetings are held at least 3 times a year. An obligatory meeting is held for consideration of the financial plan, i.e. Agency's annual budget, and others at the request of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Minister of Science, Education and Sports, or the director of the Agency.

Management Board responsibilities:
- adopting the Statute of the Agency following the proposal of director and with the approval of the Ministry,
- appointing and dismissing a director,
- appointing and dismissing a deputy director of the Agency following the proposal of a director,
- adopting the Ordinance on Internal Organisation, which closely regulates internal organisation of the Agency, following the proposal of a director,
- establishing annual programme of the work of the Agency which closely sets out activities and tasks of the Agency for current calendar year as well as monitor the implementation of the programme,
- determining annual budget of the Agency following the proposal of a director,
- adopting final financial report of the Agency,
- making decisions, following the proposal of a director, on the amount of remuneration for services provided,
- adopting annual report on the activities of the Agency, submitted by the director and submit it to the Ministry and the founder of the Agency,
- undertaking other activities in accordance with the Act and the Statute of the Agency.

Management Board members:

  1. prof. dr. sc. DIJANA VICAN, president,
  2. prof. dr. sc. DRAGO ŠUBARIĆ, member,
  3. prof. dr. sc. KREŠIMIR ROTIM, member,
  4. prof. dr. sc. BRANKO MATULIĆ, member,
  5. prof. dr. sc. VLATKO CVRTILA, member,
  6. prof. dr. sc. GORDANA RUSAK, member,
  7. prof. dr. sc. MARKO PETRAK, member,
  8. NEDILJKO JERKOVIĆ, member, (student)
  9. TOMISLAV TOMLJENOVIĆ, univ.spec.oec., member, Agency employee.

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