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The Agency for Science and Higher Education published its Strategy for the period 2021 – 2025.

The main strategic goals in the next five-year period include the preservation of the relevance of external quality assurance in accordance with societal developments and the enhancement of ASHE’s role in the society as a promoter of quality in higher education and science.

In accordance with these goals and sub-goals, ASHE will continue to promote the importance of enhancing quality assurance in higher education and science and encourage the development of the higher education and science system, which has the potential to drive changes, innovations and the development of the society as a whole. Throughout its activities, ASHE will further consolidate the visibility and position of the most important institution in Croatia whose role is to ensure the quality of higher education and science.

In this manner, ASHE will contribute to the realisation of a key determinant of the National Development Strategy – Croatia 2030, investment in people and innovations, as well as the second strategic goal: "Educated and employed people". In the upcoming strategic period, through its activities the Agency will contribute to the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular the fourth goal: "to ensure the inclusive and equitable quality education and promote the lifelong learning opportunities for all".

The Agency draws up annual operative plans on the basis of its Strategy, monitors their implementation and compiles reports thereof.

The Strategy 2021-2025 can be downloaded here.

STRATEGIJA 2021 2025

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