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On 1 March 2021 the Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) published its 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Activity Plan, with the aim of informing the public about the performed activities and the results of these activities in the previous year.

Overview of activities in 2020:

  • Re-accreditation of 12 higher education institutions carried out;
  • Seven applications for initiating the procedure of initial accreditation of new study programmes received from polytechnics, colleges and private universities.
  • One application received for initiating the procedure for performing higher education activity in the first phase of implementation of the procedure (obtaining approval for founding the higher education institution) and two applications for initiating a procedure for performing higher education activity in the second phase of implementation of the procedure (obtaining license for performing higher education activity).
  • Eleven initial accreditation procedures for scientific activity initiated and completed;
  • Audit of two higher education institutions carried out;
  • 11 Accreditation Council sessions held;
  • Four Complaints Committee meetings held in which they decided on 11 cases of complaints filed by HEIs regarding the Accreditation Council opinions;
  • In 2020, scientific field committees held 104 sessions and passed 1202 decisions;
  • Seven sessions of the Council of Polytechnics and Colleges held;
  • Field committees held 37 sessions, passing a total of 343 positive opinions on the fulfilment of criteria for appointment to teaching grades;
  • Twelve sessions of the National Council for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development held;
  • Two sessions of the regional scientific area councils held;
  • In the summer enrolment period, there were a total of 39.993 slots available at all Croatian higher education institutions; out of a total of 32.894 candidates that have applied, 27.036 candidates (82.19%) secured their right of enrolment in a study programme;
  • Croatian ENIC/NARIC Office recognized 1497 foreign higher education qualifications for the purpose of employment;
  • ASHE external audit carried out and quality assurance system was assessed with the highest mark (5);
  • ASHE leads or participates in nine international projects financed from the European Union programmes and other sources;
  • Results of research on studying under extraordinary circumstances in Croatian HEIs published;
  • ASHE representatives elected to the EMREX Executive Committee;
  • A webinar on the topic of accreditation of online studies in Croatia held;
  • ASHE presented the Croatian quality assurance system to Indonesian higher education institutions at the online workshop entitled Acquiring International Accreditation from EQAR – Registered Agencies;
  • ASHE’s paper Development and impact of a quality assurance system – a view from Croatia published in ENQA’s publication Advancing quality in European higher education: celebrating 20 years of ENQA;
  • Publications entitled Overview of re-accreditation of doctoral studies in the Republic of Croatia and Quality assurance of scientific activity in Croatia – analysis of evaluation methodologies, and ASHE promotional leaflet published;
  • A meeting of the National network of quality assurance units at higher education institutions (CroQAnet) held;
  • Online training for drafting self-evaluation report held;
  • Workshops for MOZVAG, CROSBI and Projects Database system administrators held;
  • Workshops within the cycle of Careering (Karijeriranje) for career advisers held;
  • The promotional video “2019 in review” published in cooperation with TV Student.

2020 Annual Report and 2021 Activity Plan

Ann Report 2020 nasl

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