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The Agency for Science and Higher Education adopted the Decision on the way of carrying out the external evaluation procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to that decision, ASHE will regularly carry out external evaluation procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic if epidemiological situation allows it, and regularly carry out external evaluation procedures as defined by the general act of the Agency (in a standard way). Each subject and procedure of external evaluation is evaluated separately and the Accreditation Council of the Agency, professional council of the Agency, adopts the decision on whether the necessary preconditions have been fulfilled. If the conditions for regular implementation of the procedure are not fulfilled, the hybrid model is applied, i.e. part of the procedure is carried out online while the rest of the procedure is carried out in a standard manner. In difficult situations and when epidemiological situation requires it, the entire procedure i.e. site visit to the higher education institution and/or scientific organization can be held online.

In accordance with the Plan of re-accreditation of higher education institutions for 2020 and ASHE’s Decision, 12 higher education institutions underwent the re-accreditation procedures in the period from July to December 2020.

The procedures were carried out based on the hybrid model with professional help from ASHE, which turned out to be a successful response to the circumstances caused by the pandemic. It included the preliminary site visit lasting from 1 to 2 days in which Croatian members of the panels took part, and the main site visit carried out online.

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