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The Agency for Science and Higher Education (ASHE) published the publication Ensuring scientific activity in Croatia – analysis of evaluation methodologies on 11 December 2020.  

„The purpose of the publication is to analyse indicators used in the procedures of external evaluation of scientific organizations, with special emphasis on internal quality assurance, and to highlight specific characteristics of evaluation and monitoring quality of scientific activity, said Prof. Jasmina Havranek, PhD, acting head of the Agency for Science and Higher Education.

In European practise, quality assurance of scientific activity is rarely evaluated by the accreditation agencies. The Agency for Science and Higher Education is an exception in this respect because it carries out evaluation of scientific activity of HEIs in addition to external evaluation procedures in higher education.  

The term scientific organizations in this analysis covers the constituents of public and private universities, polytechnics and colleges that have the license for performing scientific activity, public and private scientific institutes and other legal entities (for example, hospitals, libraries, departments, etc.).   

The analysis included all quality indicators in the procedures of external evaluation of quality of scientific institutions (initial accreditation and re-accreditation of scientific activity and thematic evaluations carried out so far) and findings of the previous external evaluations in science. In addition to the overview of indicators, common characteristics of indicators in external evaluation of scientific activity and internal quality assurance were separately analysed so it would finally result in the overview of indicators which most frequently occur in external evaluation procedures.

The aim of the publication is to contribute to a discussion on the quality assurance of scientific activity and help scientific organizations build efficient internal quality assurance systems and internal mechanisms for quality assurance and stronger recognizability of scientific organizations.

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