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Ranking lists for enrolment into 1st year graduate studies for the academic year 2018/2019 were published on Sunday 30 September 2018 on the web site www.studij.hr

The Agency for Science and Higher Education has successfully completed a 4th year of applications for graduate studies through the National System for Applications to Graduate Studies (NISpDS) through which 2386 candidates applied for, while 1953 obtained the right to register.

The introduction of electronic applications is voluntary for higher education institutions, and this year 16 institutions used the electronic applications for a total of 196 graduate studies:
• The Catholic University of Croatia
• Polytechnic of Medimurje in Cakovec
• Polytechnic Pula- College of applied science
• J.J Strossmayer University of Osijek
• Juraj Dobrila University of Pula
• University North
• University of Rijeka
• University of Zadar
• Technical Polytechnic in Zagreb
• Polytechnic “Lavoslav Ruzicka” in Vukovar
• Polytechnic “Marko Marulic” in Knin
• Polytechnic of Pozega
• Polytechnic of Sibenik
• Polytechnic of Slavonski Brod
• University College of International Relations and Diplomacy Dag Hammarskjold
• Krizevci College of Agriculture

The electronic registration system makes it easier for students to enrol themselves and brings benefits to higher education institutions: from greater transparency, to lowering costs and lowering administrative burdens

All information regarding the application of graduate study programmes is available on the website www.studij.hr

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