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Initial accreditation of study programmes

The Agency for Science and Higher Education has in cooperation with the Accreditation Council developed an improved model of initial accreditation of new study programmes.

The new model has been improved on the basis of experiences gained in the implementation of initial accreditation so far; the procedure has been harmonised with the revised ESG, and it includes revised standards for assessing the quality of study programmes.

The following documents were developed and adopted:

Standards for the evaluation the quality of study programme

Procedure of initial accreditation of study programme and Instructions for drafting the Study programme proposal

Tables for initial accreditation procedure

The documents were made available for public discussion, during which comments and suggestions were collected from the interested stakeholders.

The new model places emphasis on defining the intended learning outcomes and their interconnection with the competencies acquired upon the completion of studies, as well as on whether the intended learning outcomes are at the proposed level, and whether an appropriate system is planned for evaluating the achievement of the intended learning outcomes.

Since all higher education institutions are subject to regular evaluations through re-accreditation and audit, the new model puts emphasis on the study programme, its connection with the institutional strategy, labour market and its recognition by chambers and professional associations.

The new model of initial accreditation will give a clearer picture of the quality of a proposed study programme, provide the institutions with better opportunity to finalise their feasibility studies, and allow for a more informed decision-making by the Accreditation Council.

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