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In response to the current emergency situation in Ukraine, Croatian ENIC/NARIC office is providing detailed information on the Ukrainian higher education system and all the relevant information that is available online.

The resources provided may prove useful, first of all, for a better understanding of the structure of the Ukrainian education system. Finally, particular attention is paid to the documentary element, thereby providing useful information for both the consultation of the documents in the original language and the verification of the authenticity of the documentation presented.


Information sources on the Ukrainian system:

Single State Educational Databasehttps://info.edbo.gov.ua/

Individual credentials and accredited providers are listed in this database

The Database includes:

Official school and higher education bodies in Ukraine

International sources containing information updated directly by the Ukrainian authorities

  • Pages dedicated to Ukraine on the ENIC-NARIC website:


This site administered by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, provides the latest information updated in real time on the number of damaged or completely destroyed institutions, detailing the specific geographical area of Ukraine in which they operated.

Secondary international sources created by different national/international bodies

  • Database of higher education institutions of the International Association of Universities (IAU) - https://whed.net/home.php

Database containing more than 300 examples of Ukrainian higher education qualifications. For each qualification, information is provided on the main elements of the qualification both from a documentary point of view and with respect to the positioning of the same within the Ukrainian higher education system. The database is publicly accessible to support Italian and foreign institutions and public bodies in the recognition of Ukrainian qualifications. The database has been developed in cooperation with ENIC Ukraine, in the framework of the Erasmus+ co-funded project “SCAN-D - Samples & Copies of Academic National Diploma”,

*All rights to the contents of the database are owned by the CIMEA Association. The reproduction or use of the contents is subject to written authorisation from CIMEA and with explicit reference to the source.

The site provides useful links and information about education and work information for Ukrainian citizens and also for EU member states

The multilingual EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals is intended for use by organisations helping Third Country Nationals. It helps to map the skills, qualifications and work experiences of the third country nationals and to give them personalised advice on further steps, e.g. a referral to recognition of diplomas, skills validation, further training or employment support services.

Digital file, issued by the institution where your studies, it describes your qualification, and also includes information on your classes, grades, projects and other achievements

The European Qualifications Passport for Refugees is a standardized document that explains the qualifications a refugee is likely to have based on the available evidence.


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