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Partial qualification

Qualification that does not comply by itself to conditions for access to the labour market and/or further education, respectively. It complies with conditions only if accompanied by a respective full qualification, or by one or various respective partial qualifications, according to a full qualification standard.

Postgraduate study

A student may enrol into postgraduate university study upon completing graduate university study. As a rule, postgraduate university study lasts three years and, upon the completion of its requirements and a public defence of the student’s doctoral thesis, awards the academic degree of doktor znanosti or doktor umjetnosti. Individuals with accomplishments in science that equal in importance the conditions for appointment into a scientific research grade may attain a doktor znanosti degree by enrolling into postgraduate study and publicly defending their doctoral thesis, without having to take classes and pass exams.

Professional Qualification

Includes formal education and professional training (professional education and training which follows formal education, as well as potential professional experience acquired in the pursuit of a regulated profession in a European Economic Area (EEA) Contracting State), which enabled the applicant to pursue a particular regulated profession in an EEA Contracting State.

Professional recognition

Recognition of a foreign higher education qualification for the purpose of employment in the Republic of Croatia.

Professional studies

Professional studies are implemented at polytechnics or schools of professional higher education, last for two or three years and award 120-180 ECTS credits. Exceptionally, following the approval of the National Council for Higher Education, professional studies may last up to four years in cases when it corresponds to internationally accepted standards; upon completion of such a study a student shall earn up to 240 ECTS credits. Upon the completion of professional study with 180 ECTS credits or more, a student shall earn the professional title of baccalaureus with reference to the field of study, pursuant to a special law.

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