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Academic recognition

Refers to the recognition of a foreign higher education qualifications for the purpose of continuing education in the Republic of Croatia.

Academic Recognition Office

Shall be established on every university, polytechnic and college for the purpose of performing professional and administrative activities concerning the academic recognition of foreign higher education qualifications and recognition of periods of study, in accordance with the general acts of universities, polytechnics and colleges. The structure, domain and mode of work of the Office is prescribed by a general act of a university, polytechnic and college, in accordance with the Act on Amendments to theAct on Recognition of Foreign Educational Qualifications.

Academic year

Period of one year that starts at earliest on 1 September and at latest on 1 October. This period ends on the day the next academic year starts again. The exact date is decided upon by the higher education institution.

Access (to higher education)*

The right of qualified candidates to apply and to be considered for admission to higher education. *Council of Europe, Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, 1997, p. 3.

Automatic recognition

Recognition of foreign professional qualifications, available solely to EU Member States nationals, by which the Republic of Croatia acknowledges that their evidence of formal qualification is equally valid as its own.

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